The University Of California System Essay

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According to a survey conducted by the National Association of College Stores, only about 14.7% of colleges operate on the quarter system (Concordia). Apart from Merced and Berkeley, the schools under the University of California system are part of the few that run on the quarter system. The UC quarter system is composed of three 10-week quarters and an optional summer quarter. Each quarter is immediately followed by a week for final exams and at least a week-long break. Winter break is often two to three weeks, while spring break is typically only one. After the spring quarter, students who choose not to attend the summer quarter receive a roughly two-month summer vacation. Despite the seemingly orderly and timely schedule, plenty of students dislike attending a school that runs on the quarter system.
Students often complain that the quarter system is too fast and only has short breaks. As a student in the UC system, I can abide by the statement that quarter seems to end quickly. Classes typically have two midterms and a final; and with only 10 weeks, that means there is an exam about every three weeks. The first week of class is normally spent getting used to the professor, the second is spent learning, and the third is usually spent preparing for the first midterm. This cycle happens once more, but with the replacement of the introductory week with a week to review the exam. Then the cycle happens once again, but ends with the final exam. This cycle can cause students to…

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