The University Of Arkansas Fort Smith Essay

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In the fall 2015, the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith (UAFS) had an enrollment of 6,707 students (Post). If every student at UAFS aimed towards receiving a bachelor’s degree, the university would be taking in $1.8 million a year on tuition (“Financial Aid”). Not every student that attends college receives a full tuition scholarship, or any scholarships at all. Earning a college degree can be very challenging, on the other hand, it can also be very expensive. The college degree being earned can depend on if the investment will be worth the money being put into receiving the degree. The return on investment for getting a degree in Middle Level Education in the fields of mathematics and science depends on the location of the job a graduate applies for. There are several different things that can make a Middle Level Education degree have a great return on investment; many substantial sacrifices can be made along the way, the mobility of the graduate can change under certain circumstances, and the decision of the concentrations picked for the degree can reflect on the opening of job offers.
There are several ways students at the university can pay for the tuition; students can earn scholarships, take out a loan or a grant, or pay for it out of pocket. Graduating college with student loans and a lot of debt can be a burden for a long while depending on the amount of loan that was taken out. Mark Kantrowitz says “So long as your total debt at graduation is less than your annual…

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