Essay on The University Of Alabama Police Department

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Just hours before sunrise on February 13, 2013, members of the Tuscaloosa Police Department in conjunction with the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force quietly assembled on the campus of the University of Alabama. Around 3:00am doors were being simultaneously knocked down across campus by officers wearing tactical vests and toting military style assault rifles. According to Connor Sheets of, 61 students were taken into custody on drug charges that cold February night. With a few exceptions, the overwhelming majority of these arrests were for relatively small or trace amounts of marijuana. This night in 2013 began a snowball effect of further strained relations between U.A. students and Tuscaloosa P.D. Generally speaking, most students acknowledge the positives that the University of Alabama Police bring to campus, however when Tuscaloosa P.D. is brought up there is a lack of respect, an air of distrust and an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty.
The infamous drug bust of 2013 actually started long before any dorm room doors were actually kicked in. According to the Tuscaloosa News, in November of 2012, IRS auditors found irregularities in the accounting practices of the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force. This prompted a thorough investigation of the agency by the FBI, and while nothing of criminal nature was found at the time, it left a stain on the departments reputation. Fast forward 3 months and the Tuscaloosa P.D and West Alabama Narcotics Task Force were touting…

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