Essay on The University Days By James Thurber

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There is always a time in life where students just feel like giving up in college especially in big Ivy league schools. Majority of students in big universities knows how much work they have to put in in order to pass their courses and how many nights they have not slept due to how much time­consuming college work takes up. Big universities always give loads of work to students due to the classes that they have to take and pass in order to graduate and most times those classes are quite challenging and it will go beyond the student’s limits and always second doubt themselves about college. There are articles and research of how students in Ohio State University or other big schools that give students the best education but with many hard obstacles they have to face in order to be in that university graduate student level.

In the passage “University Days” by James Thurber, he explains his college experience at The Ohio State University and describes all the load work and how hard the classes he kept struggling with in order for him to graduate as a college student. He explains a class he had to take at Ohio State University which was a botany class that he was deeply frustrated with and was one of his challenges he had to go through at the university. James Thurber stated how he passed all of his classes at The Ohio State University except for one class which was botany, the reason he explained in the passage of why he was failing that class was because botany students had…

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