Essay on The Universe Next Door By James Sire

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“The Universe Next Door” by James Sire provides insight into the various opposing worldviews society faces today. Beginning with the Pre-Modern thoughts that believe in God’s existence, spanning to the Modern view placing matter in the center of reality, and concluding with the Postmodern thoughts which deny the existence of reality. Throughout the semester we have discussed several of these viewings of the world, noting some views appear to be more practical than others. With the use of Sire’s eight fundamental questions I would like to compare and contrast the Pre-Modern thoughts of the Christian Theistic worldview to the Modern thoughts of the Naturalistic worldview.
Beginning with Sire’s first question “what is prime reality-the really real?” (Sire). A person’s prime reality is the foundation of their beliefs and ultimately the way in which they act and react to certain situations. As a Christian Theist, my prime reality lies in my beliefs in the present and all powerful God. However, those of the Naturalistic worldview equivocate their prime reality to existence of matter, denying the existence of God. Matter can be defined as a “material substance that occupies space, has mass, and is composed predominantly of stomas consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons, that constitutes the observable universe and that is interconvertible with energy” (Merriam-Webster). Under the impression life came into being with the random collision of matter, naturalist…

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