The Universe And Its Impact On Earth Essay

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To humans who live on Earth, we perceive Earth as a large mass of land that has been around for about 4.6 billion years. But the Earth is only a small part of what makes up the Universe. Earth is located in the Milky Way Galaxy, and contains billions of stars, which is only a small fraction of the 100 billion galaxies. While the Universe has been around for roughly 13.82 billion years, everyday we learn more and more about the complexities that were once hidden from us. One of the main things found in the universe by the naked eye are stars. Stars are burning balls of gas that appear as small specks because they are millions of miles away from Earth. We are able to take a deeper look at our universe in such ways as using a small, everyday tool, such as a toilet paper roll, we can figure out how many stars actually make up the universe, which will reveal how big the universe really is. The Universe may seem complicated to the naked eye, but it only takes a deeper look to see that most of its answers are one the surface, waiting to be discovered.

The Experiment

In order to conduct this Star Count lab, a cylindrical object was required, such as a toilet paper roll. By calculating the area of the circle of your object in which you would be observing from, the fraction of the sky that we would be observing was found. The observing first started when by conducting a general star count, which required us to look at random spots in the sky and record the number of stars seen…

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