Essay on The Universalization of L'Oreal

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Case Study The Universalizaton of L’Oréal

Marketng Planning - Année 2014-2015

Situaton Analysis : Industry
Grooming Market : 91% shaving / 8% masks & scrubs

Face Care Market : 28.8 billion in 2010 (25%)

Skin Care Market : 1,7 billion (41%)

« The men’s beauty segment in India is growing twice the rate as the overall market » « When I look good, I can concentrate and get more work done »

Situaton Analysis : Industry

Situaton Analysis : Compettors
N°1 Emami Limited (37,5%)
• •

N°2 Garnier Men (25,4%)
12 million unit sales 50% of growth 2 main segments : - Skin care : Small pockets « sachet » (35% of value) - Deodorant : growing at 48% in value and 40% in volume

Many brands : - Fair and Handsome - Navratna -
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Small stores Modern distributon

Marketng Programs
Loyalty programs
- No Loyalty program developed. - Natural loyalty because of the quality of the product and the reality of the brand promise

Customer Service and Support
No customer service and support for that product

Market Research
- The men’s beauty segment in India was growing at twice the rate as the overall market - Men’s face care accounted for 4% of Indian’s total skin care market. - Indian face care market was about Rs 28,8 billion in 2010 growing at 25% (out of which Rs. 17 billion represented the men’s skin care, growing at 41%) The penetraton of modern hair color was slightly higher among men than women Indian men ideal skin is fair, glowing, clean and fresh, smooth. Worried about oilness

Recruit new customers in India by adaptng the global strategy: With strong and reliable Indian market, behavior and consumton studies With the development of small packs (sachets) With an accessible prices policy With strong management and relatonships with the retailers (especially the litle ones) With an

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