The Universal Language Of Music Essay

1050 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
There is one inhabitable planet, seven continents, one hundred and ninety six countries that are occupied by about seven billion human beings. Within these countries there are roughly six thousand and five hundred spoken languages, yet there is only one universal language. It is not a language in a rational sense, for it is a language that does not need to be recognized, nor a language that a person needs to know how to speak, read or write. Understanding this language is unnecessary because the communication it expresses is so much deeper then any word in any language can convey. This universal language is music. Music has the power to evoke and awaken emotions in a special and unique way that can inspire the human race to work together and love one another to thrive and live as one, as conveyed in “Imagine” by John Lennon. Musicians have more influence on the world then one might assume, for their words speak to so many different people from all over the world in so many diverse ways. They have the power to make someone remember a lost love or find hope for the future. The sound of the beat, strum of the guitar or key of the piano can bring about excitement, anger, happiness, sadness and nostalgia. Because human beings as a race connect with one another and find peace knowing someone else has gone through a similar circumstance, people can relate to someone they have never even met. Each and every person has a unique story but can relate with others because all humans…

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