Essay about The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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What are the pros and cons about the universal declaration of Human Rights? The universal declaration of Human Rights was a document that allowed people their freedom as a human. This document was a building block for peace in the world. The document also allowed human rights to be Universal instead of selective. The document also states that you will have an opportunity both civil and political rights, you have the ability to freedom of speech, you also have the ability to claim Social Security, and also get a proper health benefit as well as education that many others also receive. Now some people will go against and say that the universal declaration was quote unquote an agreement between countries. I highly disagree because the purpose of making the document was not to establish a something that good people must do. The purpose of the document was to grant everybody the opportunity to have human rights. Now even though this document does get a lot of Praise, there is some upside and there are some bad things when it comes to not only this document, but you every document having to do with the United States in my opinion. The upsides when we 're talking about the universal declaration of Human Rights would have to be that secures the individual who are without law, allows an opportunity to fan out a system or country where leaders are chosen by voters and how to help increase a good leader. This presents human rights and firm and steady nature which allows the individual…

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