Essay about The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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Is it correct to argue that human rights have existed since the earliest times within human history?

The belief that all human beings are entitled to certain humans rights is fairly new across the world even though it is argued that they have existed in many different traditions before this ( The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been described as a succession of international breakthroughs and revolutionary declarations ( It proclaims that all human beings have the right to be free and equal no matter who they are or where they come from. It was only created in late 1948 however some documents relating to them have existed for many centuries before. Some articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been seen to exist as far back as 539 BC and were seen in many different documents throughout the years all the way up until the United Nations created the declaration.
The earliest sign that has been found of human rights goes back to 539 BC when the armies of Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon. In doing so he freed all the slaves and he declared that the people had the right to choose their religion and beliefs. With this he also established racial equality so that everyone was equal no matter where they were from. Cyrus was the king of ancient Persia and has been recognised as the first person in the world to implement some human rights. The ancient records have since been translated into six different languages by the…

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