The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was created in response to the travesties of World War II. The United Nations adopted it in 1948 and it still stands to this day as a cornerstone of human rights for the world. In the text, Joseph Wronka “argues that human rights are are the bedrock of social justice.” [1] He also “identities the five core notions of human rights as suggested by the UDHR” [2] that will be discussed in this paper. They are: 1. Human dignity, 2. Nondiscrimination, 3.Civil and political rights, 4. Economic, social, cultural rights, and 5. Solidarity rights.

In reading Manisha’s case study, it is ripe with violation after violation of her human rights.
However, due to the rural nature of her village, the inability to make decisions or even be told about issues in the political realm, she was sheltered from a lot of the preamble that may have helped focus the Nepali women, and enabled them to work on change in their homeland.

Human Dignity Manisha’s life is one of happiness, sorrow, hopelessness, and hopefulness. She “describes her childhood as wonderful.” She was “1 of 5 girls who attended school in her village”.[3] She was only able to attend for a few years but she was proud of that accomplishment. She talked about happy times and social status as a plus until the 1990’s when the culture began to change. She then speaks of savageness of the” Bhutanese soldiers expected girls and women to be…

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