Essay on The United States

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It is now more than fifty years since the State of Israel was established. It has passed the initial stages of nation-building and is today, in many respects, a Western, technological society. It was built on the experience of ideologically driven Jewish settlement which began in the nineteenth century. Israel has a background of the Holocaust, ongoing military struggle with neighboring countries, and the necessity of absorbing unprecedented numbers of new immigrants from very different culture. It has a multiethnic population, comprising groups that vary widely in their degree of Jewish cultural traditionalism as well as their level of modernization. While the challenges of immigration, absorption, and the external threat of war served as unifying factors for Jewish society in Israel for much of its history, the situation has shifted in recent years. Israel of today is a society in the transition where different secs of values occasionally increase the intergroup tensions and challenge the social cohesion.

This essay focuses on the behaviors of people rather than institutions or organizations within the many social, cultural, and political realms. Explicitly, this essay will be discussing the social and cultural pattern of the two major Jewish ethnic groups, the Ashkenazim, and the Mizrahi. An intensive process of cultural and social assimilation has reduced the dimensions of Jewish ethnicity. Instead of having a single ethnic melting pot fusing all exiles…

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