The United States Essay

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The United States is the most representative government in existence, but it’s not perfect. It has both strength and weaknesses, but continues to change in order to represent all of the people. The United States is often looked at by others as a place of happiness, freedom, equality and opportunity. Those ideas are what the basis of the United States is built on. The United States is a Democracy government, which is the idea that it is ruled by the people and for the people. In this paper, I will look and discuss our nation’s democracy. I will look at both strength and weaknesses of the way it is structured.
The Constitution, which is also known as the Bill of Rights, was introduced on September 17th, 1789. The United States changed that day. The founding fathers wrote in order to establish a stable form of government, it list in detail what freedoms and rights every United States citizen had. In order to make sure that none of these rights could ever be taken away, they formed 3 branches of government which shared power and balance equally. The first branch is called Legislative, which is also called Congress. The next branch is the President of the United States. The third branch is Judicial, which is the Supreme Court. These three branches work independently as a check and balance within each other. While the Constitution is the incomparable rule that everyone must follow, the greater part of the particular, everyday guidelines and directions that convey…

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