The United States Essay

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Though, the constitution provided a solid foundation of government it was still unclear as to what impact and responsibility the new government would have in regards to the economy of the U.S. The most hidden and unanswered question revolved around the ideas that people had anticipated about the country’s new freedom and what kind of society America will become. James Madison along with Thomas Jefferson identified themselves as Republicans, and believed that Republic would be well-secured on the basis of independent business and wanted government to stay out the businesses. As it also appears in the Overview: Competing Visions in Early America 1787 to 1859 of the textbook United States Issues, Ideas And Institutions , page 381, To Alexander Hamilton America was “a Hercules in the cradle”. “If nurtured , industry would flourish, cities would grow, and prosperity would create both the financial and transportation infrastructure conducive to commercial activity and provide protection and stimulus for emerging manufacturing through government policy.” Like anything else views on economics also differed and decisions were hard to make especially at the start of a new nation.

Around the mid-nineteenth century America expeditiously industrialized, with immigrants making their way to America. More than 3,000 miles of canals and 20,000 miles of rail were built, which linked the produce of the Midwest to the factories of the Northeast. Homes and small shops gave in to factories…

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