The United States Essay

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The United States is one of the most promptly developed countries in the world: the superior level of life it offers its citizen drives people searching for a better living and future. In fact, it witnesses a massive number of immigrants from all around the world every year. Lebanon being a country always in external and internal conflict, it is unable to grant its citizens the level of life they have always wished for, pushing them far away from their homeland to other advanced nations such as the United States and Australia, seeking superior living conditions: “These parents fled to Australia because they chose peace, not war, because they did not want to raise their children in a climate of fear and oppression.”, explains Joseph Wakim in his article, “Their dream was the same as most Australians: their own home, security and family.” Lebanese people immigrating to the United States ambitiously expect having there a higher education level, profuse job opportunities in addition to a politically and economically stable environment for a more calm, serene and constant forthcoming.
First of all, the main reason for people immigrating to the United States is the acquisition of an upper level of education compared to the one they would receive in their home country. Tina Nunez states that “Some study abroad to seek out better educational opportunities than are available in their own countries, while others simply want the thrill of living in an exciting, new place.” Generally,…

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