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Other considerations
In democratic state, the public opinion can influence the course of action of the authorities (Mack, 1975: 188). Therefore, Mack blamed that the nature of the polity of the metropolitan contribute to the defeat of the war (Mack, 1975: 189). Domestic constrain in a free society is more influential than other kinds of polity like totalitarian or dictatorship (Mack, 1975: 193). In democracy, the free media can affect the attitude of the population towards the war. The New York reported on the My Lai massacre in1968 shocked the American people. American soldiers on a “search and destroy” mission caused civilian causality. People in democracy are likely to question the morality of the war. The antiwar movement in USA very strong, it put constrain on the state. Because of its irrationality of the reason they attach to the war, the war received strong opposition domestically and abroad.
After the Tet Offensive, domestic opinion in the America constrained on stopping the war in Vietnam. When the general demand US sending more troop, which shake the belief of a victory, the public doubt the meaning of the war, why they have to fight in a faraway country, without knowing what to protect. After the Tet offensive event, the leaders of the United States changed from engagement to gradually withdrawal of their troops from the south by adopting the plan Vietnamization.
Lessons from the Vietnam War:
It is conventional understanding that power capability determine…

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