The United States Essay example

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The United States has always been considered the land of opportunity, and freedom by those that live abroad. That plus being a new nation with many untapped resources, it can create wonderful opportunities for those that may not have access to opportunities, or resources in their own home land. Many of these people take huge risk to give their families a better chance at life then they themselves had. Even though the United States has been known to be accepting of immigrants; yet that may not be the case, if history has taught anything it’s that the acceptance of immigrants in to the country has never been widely accepted by the population. Yet that still does not deter people from coming to this country looking for refuge, or better opportunities for their families. One such group is the Vietnamese. From the end of World War II, they were a country under the rule of others, and lived under horrible conditions. This would incite rebellions, and eventually divide the country in to two. These plus other factors would cause three waves of refugees from Vietnam from 1975 to 1991. Many of these refugees would seek and be granted asylum do their affiliation with the United States during this time. Like many other groups that have immigrated to the United States, they had their own cultural beliefs that differentiated them from people in the United States. Such as their religion. A majority Vietnamese practice Buddhism, which is also one the larger religions in Eastern Asia.…

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