Essay about The United States : The Principle Of Democracy

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The United States was founded upon the principle of democracy. In fact, the binding behind all aspects of American government is an important document known as the Constitution of the United States of America that states all policies and principles necessary in order to structure a democratic governmental system. Democracy can be summed up by one important phrase present in the United States Constitution: “We the people…” and when the people change, political structure and policy must adjust to meet the needs of an increasingly diversified population (“The Constitution of the United States” 3). One state which exemplifies a rapid diversifying of a population is the southern states of Texas. Texas has long since been a state known for its diversity, but recent censuses and statistics show an ever-increasing rate of change in the ratio of ethnic composition, a ratio that demographers do not predict will plateau any time soon. Texas’ history of a distinct ethnically diverse population is the result of two factors: migration and geography. The entirety of Texas’ southwestern border edges its way along the country of Mexico. Of the 1,900 mile long Mexico-United States border, 1,254 miles of this border can be mapped along the great state of Texas. Texas has a history of enabling Hispanics of Mexican decent to find shelter and safety in “the land of the free and home of the brave” resulting in rich Hispanic influence throughout ("Star-Spangled Banner" 1). This Hispanic influence…

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