The United States Supreme Court Essay

737 Words May 30th, 2016 3 Pages
The United States Supreme Court has been a topic of controversy on several cases, during the last several decades in our country. If we look back in time, history shows us that the US Supreme Court has made several big mistakes in the ways they handled several federal court rulings. In the year 1944, just briefly after the battles and war between the United States and Japan, the Supreme Court ruled a law that would be considered immoral, and racial profiling in the present time. The Korematsu v. United States court case of 1944 was a heavily criticized court ruling. The United States Supreme Court ruled that on several regions in several states across the country, Japanese people, both legal residents of their states and undocumented immigrants, were to be detained and even deported just because of their racial ancestry or heritage. When we think about this in the present, most of us would look at the United States Supreme Court as a joke if they would establish a court ruling like that in the present. For example, it is evident to most American citizens, residents, and even undocumented immigrants that the United States has had issues, conflicts, and even wars with certain Middle Eastern countries, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and even political or terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, and Isis. Given the logic of the Supreme Court ruling, anybody that had Iraqi or Afghanistan heritage, culture, or race, would be banned from certain cities or states in our country merely…

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