The United States Should Not Have An Official Language Essay example

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Currently the United States of America does not have an official language. Though many speak American English other languages such as Spanish, Chinese and French have gained plenty of momentum here in the United States. New York City is housing the second largest population of Chinese outside of China. There have been numerous discussions over the years to adopt English as the official language, but in recent years these discussions have shifted into making the United States a polyglot country with both American English and Spanish as official languages. Thanks to the census bureau we can support the fact that Spanish is now becoming more widely spoken than originally anticipated. Parents have registered the benefits that come with learning a new language and now more than ever, are encouraging their kids to start at a young age. Children even begin studying a third or fourth language at a young age to better engage the brain. Knowing several different languages brings you the opportunity to choose a new lifestyle and many more. Advantages and disadvantages are both present when deciding on whether the United States should have an official language or rather become a polyglot country. The idea of multilingualism has many advantages that it brings forth. For example, those that are not native to the United States will end up have a better understanding of the law system and its regulations. It will also encourage immigrants to develope the English ability necessary in the…

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