The United States Should Not Get Free Handouts And Using Taxpayer 's Resources

1270 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
While people have different opinions about immigrants, majority of the people believe immigrants steal their jobs, get free handouts and using taxpayer’s resources. However, immigrants are crucial to the economic growth for America, without these immigrants to give good qualities to the United States, the United States would not be so successful in developing technology and the technology issues would be far worse. That is not all; the immigrants bring in wealth of knowledge and the future scientists that enrich America. These immigrants also helps in job creation by bring with them new business contacts and give opportunities to the natives to move onto higher positions.

One day, I had an interesting conversation with one of my coworkers Amy about school grants. The first response I got from her was “I don’t get any benefits I paid my son’s college tuition even I am born raised here but the immigrants and the illegal immigrants easily get the free housing allowance, free education, and food stamps.” Her comment made me think when I went to the Social Security Department to update my social security status from immigrant to citizen, I asked the social security officer what is the benefit of changing the status, since the SSN would remain the same. The officer said, “When you and your children apply for college grants and social security benefits you will see the difference. You will have the priority as being American which many people don’t understand until they apply for…

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