The United States Should Be Providing Aid For Americans Essay

1374 Words Mar 9th, 2016 6 Pages
The people of America are in poverty but instead Americans would rather send money across seas. The United States should be providing aid for Americans below the poverty line before sending money across seas for foreign aid in third world countries. If America put some of the money that it gives away to foreign countries than some of the Americans below or right at the poverty line might have a chance to get out of poverty. Not as much money that is thought to be spent on foreign aid is but still more is sent to foreign aid than stays with Americans fighting to get out of poverty. The countries that are in poverty might not be working hard to get out of poverty and are just hoping that other countries will keep sending them money. Third world countries need to make an effort to get out of poverty otherwise they will stay there and never move above the poverty line. America is not in poverty just some of the people and they could get out if the government would help their own people instead of sending it overseas.
The United States sends about 0.7 percent of their budget to foreign aid. About eighty-five percent goes through U.S. based government contracts and NGO’s. (Bauer) NGO’s are non-governmental organizations that are not attached to the government or for-profit businesses. A common misconception is that the government spends thirty percent of its federal budget on foreign aid. People believe that because the government does not inform people of how much they actually…

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