The United States Postal Service Essay example

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) provided efficient and reliable communications across the United States for more than two centuries. It has grown in both number of post offices and ways to deliver mail. Nonetheless, mail volume has substantially decreased as electronic mail and package delivery companies took business away from the USPS. Although the traditional mail system independently lasted throughout the years without any changes and still held some value, by restructuring the United States Postal Service to meet the needs of the changing world, it can thrive economically and increase mail volume as well. To begin with, the Postal Service continues to endure the hardships of the fast-changing world. Kevin Cullen, a Commercial-News writer, reveals that the Postal Service did not need to be revamped in order to flourish, because it “has been required to pay its own costs since 1970, and [had] made a profit until 2006” (Source F). Yet, despite its ability to develop on its own, the decline in mail volume has created problems for the Postal Service and a loss of $1.4 billion from 2006 to 2009 (Source F). If the decrease in mail volume persists, billions of money could be gone throughout the next few years for the Postal Service. Still, mail delivery has not gone away entirely. A post office does not need to be spacious and high-tech in order to prosper in a technologically dependent society. As seen in Source G, the smallest free-standing post office in the…

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