Essay on The United States Political System

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The United States began as a colony of 13 states originating from the British Empire. Many of these colonists chose to endure this voyage to start a new nation with their own laws. Whereas in the British states, which was ruled by a monarchy government. In the new colony, which gained its freedom from Britain in 1776, was established with a democratic type government. With the democratic type of government, it allowed all citizens of the colonies, a voice in their government. From 1777 to 1865, the United States’ political system drastically changed in a short 80 years. Many of these changes were for the better, some for the worse. These changes however, led to what makes the United States political system is set-up today. In 1777, the United States began establishing a political system that was the building stones towards establishing a more secure and fair system of government that allowed a voice for everyone within the country. In 1777, the United States established “the first written constitution of the United States…the Articles of Confederation…” (Foner, p. 249). The Articles of Confederation was passed in 1781 which “sought to balance the need for national coordination of the War of Independence with widespread fear that centralized the new national government to be a ‘perpetual union’” (Foner, p. 249). With the Articles of Confederation, only specific powers were granted to the government. These powers included: “declaring war, conducting foreign affairs, and…

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