The United States Of The Middle East Essay

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The United States is a very special country. Throughout the eighteenth century, the thirteen colonies were subject to the despotic rule of England’s monarch, George III. However, in less than three decades, revolution created a democratic state, and over the next two centuries, this democracy has become a global superpower known as the United States of America. Sadly, many Middle Eastern nations are under autocratic rule, and thus face severe human rights violations. Just as the Revolutionary Americans received assistance from the French to free themselves from the shackles of tyranny, there exists an obligation for the United States to promote democracy in the Middle East. Not only will it benefit Middle-Easterners, but there will be tremendous gains for American citizens. The first major reason this obligation exists is because there will be a decrease in terrorism. Policy analyst Liz Cheney found that democracy promotion will greatly decrease terrorist recruitment, since people join these radical groups in order to feel represented and have a sense of belonging. However, “only a democracy can fulfill these aspirations,” therefore a democracy falsifies the terrorists’ idea that violence is necessary for change. This is especially important as hampering recruitment tackles the root cause of terrorism -- stopping these groups from growing. The Atlantic furthers this noting that the September 11th attacks were “a direct result of [the] Middle East 's democratic deficit,”…

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