The United States Of The Federalist Papers

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In 1788 the Federalist Papers were mostly written by Madison. The ideas shared in the Federalist Papers were relevant when Madison was alive, however, the problem is: are they still relevant and effective today. First governmental structure in USA is unique, no other government has the same system as this country. It is the only country that changed everything dealing with politics back in that decade, which shows how much the founding fathers were aware of the political issues. News in those days were spread quicker as they occurred but unfortunately most of it are not true or even reliable. The United States government was created in a very interesting situation and remarkable conditions. When people started to fight against the British the colonies thought about their constitution, which makes United State really unique compare to other cultures or nations. The United States of American has been built with really magnificent people who have the complete idea of political ethics and the political societies. The culture I am from is different from the United States of America, political parties are also different. The political thought of each counties are completely different. The U.S. uses the law of civil and common law, while in Saudi Arabia they use the Islamic law. Both of them use it for a great propose. For example in USA they use common sense to have fully coherent system with all governmental and private departments and that the issue of authority or…

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