The United States Of The Civil War Essay

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Justified In the creation of the United States of America, like anything when created, it unveils loopholes or kinks with time. That happened to be the case with United States Constitution; no law stated that a state could not leave the union and start another country or group of states, which happened to have a tremendous effect on the young and growing United States of America. In the time leading up to the Civil War the North kept raising taxes on imports which benefited them greatly, however, the South was struggling to stay alive cause they were not getting any money back from the products they sold. People may claim that the South did not have the rights to secede. As well, opposers claim the South broke many laws in forming the Confederacy, which is true but there is always a way to get around laws in rushed ideas. Even though the South economy was struggling, and there was no clear cut law forbidding secession to the the South from leaving the Union. To keep foreign marketers out of the United States economy, the North raised tariffs to gain revenue. For example, the South gave the North raw materials for them to turn into manufactured goods. Then the North in turn sent back some of the manufactured goods to the South, but also keeping some of the manufactured products to sell. Consequently, the South had to pay import taxes on their own goods. The South was had to not only give the North raw materials but then had to buy it for twice as much as they sold it…

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