The United States Of Latin America Essay

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America has always been the country everyone looked to with eyes of lust for freedom and dreams, especially Latin Americans. Growing up in Latin American country one may experience everything for violence to issues within the household. However, the main threats come when decides take initiative and leave his/her home for their own purposes. Many Latin Americans who decide to leave their home leave knowing they could die in the desert, be deported, killed by on-going violence throughout Mexico; however, many decide to try their luck because their life back home is not that good either, from family issues, crime,money/jobs, and environmental safetiness, being born in Latin America forces you to look to the U.S. as a place where all your problems go away.
Every year thousands of Latin American citizens decide to leave all they have to venture to the United States of America. However, the journey to America is not as easy as it seems. Those who leave their home, leave for a number of reasons. If they stay they may be in danger or to avoid future issues such as crimes against them or a life of crime in general. So they just leave to survive the violence in their home. In the case of a young man from who was detained at the Mexican-American border. He told US immigration that if he returned to Guatemala he would be murdered. On March 27, 2004 Edgar Chocoy was killed, but it surprised no one. Especially him, Edgar knew that where he was living would end him up in one or two…

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