The United States Of Arab Americans Essay examples

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percent of Arab Americans have reported having been subjects of discrimination since 2001 by Americans. Acts of discrimination began to rise during January of 2002, in which polls revealed 1700 acts of discrimination, profiling, and physical harm increased against those of Middle Eastern origin (Swiney, 5). Just one month after the September attacks, the State Department made it necessary for all non-immigrants applying for a visa to undergo security clearances, which consisted primarily of Muslim and Arab individuals. Among Arab individuals “thousands of students were unable to continue studies in the U.S., professors could not return to teach, jobs and fellowships were lost, and medical treatment and chemotherapy in the U.S. were discontinued” (Cainkar, 245). Muslim and Arab people have felt less accepted in the United States overt time, as they feel as though they must justify their place to the American people. Although 15 years has passed since the September 11 attacks, the wounds of American individuals remain unhealed as many suffer today from both the fear and trauma that followed. Muslim and Arab Americans appear to be a group of individuals that have suffered immensely after the United States as they are targeted and discriminated more than ever, due to their racial and religious background. However, in a liberal society, a crisis such as 9/11 creates “citizenship capital for minority groups by forcing the rest of the society to acknowledge their existence,…

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