Essay on The United States Of America

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In the United States of America, people, especially in the world of politics, are often asked to define who is exactly is an “American”. On the surface, the answer seems rather obvious; an American is a person who is a native or citizen of the United States of America (Oxford Dictionary). However, 239 years ago, the United States of America became it’s own independent country. Since the formation of the original 13 colonies, men, women, and their families have fled to the USA to escape the injustices happening in their home countries in hopes of a better life. The USA was a country founded by immigrants, built by immigrants, for immigrants.
In terms of race, American’s are generally associated with being white anglo-saxon, English speaking people. However, in more recent years more and more people have been coming from other, non-white, countries and have been greatly altering what one may assume is the “average looking American” might look like. In 2010, 16% of U.S population consisted of Hispanic people. It is projected that in 2050, that number will have risen roughly 29% ( The U.S Government of course plays one of the major roles in immigration to the United States. Regulating immigration is one of the more difficult things to control for the government. Many acts have been passed in hopes of regulating immigration. One way the U.S government has tried to regulate immigration was through the Expatriation Act of 1907. This act made a woman’s citizenship…

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