The United States Of America Essay

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The United States of America was formed by the founding fathers under the idea of safety from oppression. That the people were being oppressed because they did not have a fair, if any, say in British parliament. Thus, when the 13 original colonies ultimately rebelled and formed their own country, one of the founding ideas was that the people have a say as to who gets to run the country, and what goes on under that rule. The problem is, the founding fathers also did not trust the average citizen to responsibly vote, so they came to a conflict. Their resolution was a compromise. The electoral college was thus founded under the ideas that the people vote for who they want to be as president, or government by the people, but a group of electors are who ultimately cast the vote that actually elect the president. The number of electors for an individual state is determined by its population, but it can have no less than three. This was supposed to protect the equality of power between the small and the large states. The problem is, the current “winner-take-all” system does not protect these basises for equality whatsoever. Therefore, “the electoral college should be abolished due to its lack of proper functionality for its intended use, and its inability to divide power equally amongst the people and between the states.”

Alongside the revolution taking place in the colonies, the people who are now known as the founding fathers were debating over how the government should be…

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