Essay about The United States Of America

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Looking at the world around us, we tend to just look at one aspect and that is ourselves in the United States of America. The average American does not care too much to really look into the world around them and see other parts of the world and how they fit into this universe as every country plays a pivotal role in the outlining of the world. John willerton understands this fully, he is a professor in the political science department at the University of Arizona. Professor Willerton focuses on Russia and has authored many articles about various subjects that are associated with that country. Fortunately for me I have been in his Russian politics course this semester and was able to experience firsthand how deeply he cares for a different part of the world and the rich history that Russia has had. Professor willerton authored a article called “Mistrust and hegemony: Regional institutional design, the FSU-CIS, and Russia” and in this piece he discusses the Power inequalities and mistrust have characterized many relationships between states over the centuries”. What he means by this is that Russia for years have lost the trust of its people as you go back into the soviet times and the times of communism that is where Russia was at its strongest as it had a set government and a clear order of which they do things. As time went on and the collapse of the soviet union many people begun to question the power of Russia and thus people within its states began to lose trust and the…

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