The United States Of America Essay example

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The United States of America has nearly 2.2 million incarcerated individuals. As years go by that number keeps increasing, not only because of the crime rate increasing but also from private prison companies making giants of profit from people being incarcerated. According to researches the two major private prison companies received alone three billion dollars in revenue each year. These companies are knows as the CCA and the GEO group. The more people are behind bars the more money these companies profit from. Another company that caught my attention was the Judicial Correction Services, basically a collection company. These companies are just abusing the individuals in our society. It doesn’t make any sense to me how they say, “Being poor is not a crime” yet you have these companies like CCA, GEO group and JCS make money of you and labeling individuals. People go to prison for not paying their fines. That allows the JCS to get paid by us not paying our fine and then the GEO group will also make profit from having people that don’t pay get incarcerated. To me it’s very frustrated how all these companies keep benefiting from the society. There is a direct link between poverty and crime. Many people blame the poor and not realizing that our country is just dying. We find the highest crime rate is in the poorest cities. Crime comes from numerous of things. Such as not being able to find a job, family, lack of education, racism, etc. Our criminal justice system is…

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