The United States Of America Essay

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is redesigning The immigration law which is making the people of America angry. Republicans and his supporters think that immigrants are criminals, they blame the Mexicans. The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is running plans to deport immigrants back their home country. They are wrong about immigrants because most of the immigrants are peaceful and hard working people. Some people believe that undocumented illegals are the main issue of the united states of America and that they plan to send all illegal aliens or undocumented immigrants back. “How would the united states of America plan to send them back home that would be impossible to move 11 million immigrants back to their home country Imagine the cost of how much that would be and how that would affect the economy” Burnett is saying that it would be very difficult to transfer so many immigrants back home it not only would it be expensive, it would take a long time to accomplish that and the long it would take the more money it would cost the united states of America(John, Burnett.) the country would face a large amount of open jobs and would impact the productivity of companies and corporations, companies and many corporations would be forced to Layoff thousands of workers. imagine reducing the productivity in the united states “Trump 's six-page immigration battle plan, released last weekend, contains a host of fixes, though he doesn 't mention how much…

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