Essay about The United States Of America

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The United States of America is on the brink of becoming the corruptly divided capitalist society envisioned by Karl Marx over a hundred years ago. The top of the upper class, referred to by Marx as the bourgeoisie, is constantly gaining more power, wealth, and dominion over the rest of the citizens in the United States. In the future, the middle class and lower class will be nothing more than what Marx referred to as the proletariat, or workers for the upper class. This generation of students receiving their education will become the worker bees to the the queen bees that fill the upper class within America along with the rest of the lower classes.
Inequality will continue to grow between all members of America, whether it be due to: race, sex, income, or education. The disparities between classes are only going to get worse. On top of this, the national debt within the United States will come to have a heavy toll upon the American people. It will become a financial strain upon the backs of Americans outside of the upper class. Middle class America may cease to exist as we know it. These two national concerns will bring any upward economic mobility to a standstill. The very top of the class system will be in absolute control of politics through funding. They will soon sit at the throne while everyone else is trying to make do with the meager circumstances of the once great American lifestyle. The bottom classes will scramble against one another for the crumbs left behind by…

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