The United States Of America Essay

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It was only a matter of time until two growing nations would collide and fight over continental dominance. Land would cause a war that would determine the future and amount of power one nation would have over the other. Both the United States and Mexico sought to expand, grow, and develop into a prosperous country. But destiny only had plans of success for one. Those plans were meant for the United States of America. The United States had all the resources and individuals to carry out the task of fulfilling the nation’s dreams, ambitions, and desires. They were programed to take down anyone or anything that stands in their path and will do anything possible to achieve their goals. Because America sought to expand its borders, The Mexican American war served as the perfect event to secretly strive and attempt to achieve power, control, and dominance over all the North American Continent. Through the use of the ideology of Manifest Destiny, support from the native indigenous tribes, and advanced weaponry, the United States of America were able to seize control of the west and claim victory over the Mexicans. This war victory would later prove to be the pillar for America’s great fortune.
As America became more populated and condensed in the East it needed to find new room where it could expand and continue to grow. Fortunately it found the perfect answer within the growing nation of Mexico. Because Mexico was coming of its Independence from Spain it had a lot of Northern…

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