The United States Of America Essay

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Christ-Lynn Romelus
POS 2041 - American Government
Policymaking in the United States of America
America is an intensely structured country. Allot of hard work goes into our country 's policy making process and many people in various intuitions make sure all sides are satisfied. Many groups interact to make political decisions in the United States. Some of these groups include the Congress, the President, the Cabinet, advisers, agency bureaucrats, federal and state courts, political parties, interest groups and the media. To solve issues or problems that the country is experiencing the government follows a goal-oriented course of action of public policy making. This complicated process goes through a predictable series of stages.
The first stage of the policy making process is agenda setting. An agenda is a list of issues that the government is actively considering. Agendas usually are reshaped when a new president takes office, or when the majority party in Congress changes after an election. A crisis such as war, depression, natural disasters, or a tragic event, almost always re-prioritizes issues. During agenda setting, the president, the members of the congress, and the media add additional focus and pressure towards certain issues. There are so many issues that some may get more attention than others based on priority and public opinion. During agenda setting, the President will propose the issues he considers are relevant to the members of Congress, during his State of…

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