The United States Of America Essay

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The United States of America was built on details and designed by compromises and traditions. Compromises and traditions are ideas the original writers of the United States Constitution felt would help ground future generations within the political arena and unite the country as a whole. A wide range of issues including the checks and balances were written in order to deprive an individual government to impose their will on others. Americans were built on details that have been brought by two main political parties within the government, Republicans and Democrats. For decades these two parties have been able to work together and unite in order and democracy. “More Americans seem to be separated by an unbridgeable chasm of beliefs, values and habits, from politics to religion to culture and entertainments,” (Price) this separation within society causes a delusional thought process for people who should be focusing on the issues close to their beliefs, but instead have decided to choose a government politic party. Issues and attitudes have further divided both Republican and Democratic parties into fractions that have caused parties to work independently amplifying the division within the U.S. Government, ultimately endangering the future of all U.S. citizens and the traditions of a democratic society. This history of polarization shows fault for the current state of affairs within the two parties. It’s extremely difficult to enact responsible policies on pressing…

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