The United States Of America Essay

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Every nation and country has a way of running itself; a way to govern what is considered lawful and unlawful. In the United States of American, there is a massive controversial debate about whether our democracy is majoritarian or if it is more pluralistic in nature. Some may argue that the mass public, or every citizen in the country, is able to control the government’s actions. Others will state that many groups are able to work together amongst themselves to be able to allow more involvement of the citizens in a majority of the nation’s decisions. Both of these ideas of how our government works are similar in ways as well as different in many other ways. Knowledge of the citizen, interest groups, government structure is a few differences in the two democracies, where as there are fewer similarities between the two, including the procedural requirements. The United States of America is more like the pluralist democracy than the majoritarian democracy, which will be discussed more in detail a little later. Some may believe that the USA needs to design a new democracy to establish within the nation, so that it could be able to orchestrate better decisions within the country. Every person is entitled to view the world through their own eyes. Seeing everything from their own perspective, causes very different opinions on the same matter or ideas. When people have those different points of view and opinions and they try to share those opinions with others, Controversy often…

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