Essay about The United States National Security

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National Security is a major issue in American Politics. Throughout the decades the issues that threaten national security have changed. In the 1940s, the national security policies are based more on programs rather than the military. However by 2001, the U.S. national security strategies have become more militaristic in nature. In March 1947, Harry S. Truman announced to Congress the beginning of what would be later called the Truman Doctrine. In it essence, the Truman Doctrine was an American foreign policy created to counter the spread of the Soviet’s communism during the Cold War. In his speech, Trum pledged to contain Soviet threats to Greece and Turkey. Ultimately, the Truman Doctrine, supported any country that resisted communism because the spread of totalitarian communism would threaten the United States. Additionally, the idea of containment became popular, and its goal was to stop the expansion of communism. In order to achieve contain at home Truman enacted his loyalty program, where Truman ordered investigations into the loyalty of more than 3 million employees of the U.S. government. Countless amounts of government employees were discharged and thought to be disloyal or subversive, although there was little evidence and few were guilty. Meanwhile, the National Security Act of 1947 is passed, which created several new government bureaucracies. Some include the Department of Defense and a National Security Council, which would operate out of the White House and…

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