The United States Is A Nation Of Immigrants Essay

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The United States is a nation of immigrants. A nation that prides itself on being inclusive of all people, regardless of race, religion, or social status. A nation that good many people in the world would like to be a part of, yet unlike the immigrants of the past who entered this great nation, according to the laws of immigration, there are a growing number of immigrants who are currently here in the United States illegally. What action should the government take to resolve this issue? There are people who will claim that the nation benefits from those who are here illegally. Then there are the stubborn facts of the strain to our civic system, crime, and the cost to the American taxpayer. Regardless of these facts, we should recognize the validity of the benefits that Americans receive as a result of those who are here illegally. Like Americans, these immigrants desire a better life for themselves and their family. So, they come to the United States, leaving the hardships of their homeland behind in order to experience a better future. Businesses are eager to hire people who are willing to work for a minimal wage. Their ability to stay competitive while generating a profit for the business depends on it. These jobs are generally the low skilled entry jobs such as crop harvesters, meat plant workers, and cleaning services. These low wage workers give Americans the lowest price possible for the goods and services they produced.
While there are benefits to businesses and low…

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