The United States Is A Great Opportunity That I Have Ever Experienced

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Being able to study in the United States is really a great opportunity that I have ever experienced. Since many international students have value the importance of studying overseas, especially in the States, I learned much knowledge of how others’ culture tends to work. Besides from housing numerous kind of esteemed places for learning, America also is a place that cultural exchanges is apt to happen among the locals and international students. Based on my experience, there are some differences and similarities of how my culture views time as compared to American. First and foremost, back in my home country, I used to do one thing at a time. Although, most of my friends were able to do several tasks at a time, I was not capable to work like them. When I was a child, my parents always told me to be highly organized. In fact. I realized that it is an efficient way to work because almost in many occasions I get things done when I focus doing one task. With the exclusion of every other things, I am allowing myself to fully concentrate on that single work. Meanwhile, in America, most of them happens to work just like me. According to Cross-Cultural Perspectives, “...the U.S., Germany, Scandinavia and Switzerland are the example of monochromic people” (p.1). Basically, the authors are stigmatizing how people schedule their time in their culture. In this case, monochronic people are the type of people whom when switching from one task to the next can cause disturbance. I found…

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