Essay about The United States ' Iraq War

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In international law, the use of force is an important factor to consider reason being because it can be very controversial. If every country were to use force because they wanted to prove a point or show another country that they are more powerful then every state would use force to get their way. An issue that highlights the use of force is the United States – Iraq war. Through resolutions, articles, customary international law, relations with terrorist groups and humanitarian intervention we will address the question, Was the use of force by the United States, United Kingdom and their allies against Iraq in 2003 legal? In 1991, after the Gulf War, Iraq was forced by the United Nations to get rid of their weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which included biological and chemical weapons (Jakobsen and Jakobsen, 664). The UN Special Commission had a duty to conduct inspections to ensure that Iraq was obeying the rules and conditions of the peace agreement set out by the United Nations (Jakobsen and Jakobsen, 664). However, in 1998 the inspectors were forced out of Iraq and could not enter until 2002. In 2002, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1441, which gave Iraq a chance to comply with the new resolution to disarm (Jakobsen and Jakobsen, 664). Before this new resolution, Iraq was being held in “material breach” of its duties established in 1991, by resolution 687 but they failed to do so, reason why resolution 1441 gave them a final opportunity to…

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