Essay about The United States Into World War II

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-Trace the events that led to the entry of the United States into World War II. World War II was beginning and just like World War I, the United States was doing its best to stay out of it. In fact, due to the lack of a well thought out treaty ending WWI, which leaves unclear boundary lines, hard feelings in Europe and Asia, and not a strict set of rules, WWII was in the makings for years. This was compounded with the Great Depression’s economic crisis. Germany, angry and blamed for World War I, began by invading Austria and completely taking it over. After the successful invasion of Austria, Hitler demanded that Czechoslovakia be taken over too. Even though the United States was neutral, its president, President Franklin Roosevelt, was not. Roosevelt had sympathies with the Allies and was doing his best to help them. His plan was to move the U.S. into war in small steps, and two weeks after the war had started in Europe, Roosevelt began supplying Britain with war materials, but Congress had severely limited him. Technically, his actions were not neutral conduct.
In the Atlantic, the United States was shipping supplies and because of that the U.S. was in an undeclared naval war with Germany. In a quick succession of invasions, Germany had taken over all the territory that it had previously taken over in four years during WWI. This domination by Germany concerned the United States. Roosevelt realized that if Germany took over Britain, then Germany would likely…

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