Essay on The United States Homeland Security Environment

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The United States homeland security environment is complex with competing requirements that must be balanced and managed to ensure the achievement of key national measures. The safety and security of the Nation faces threats by means of hazards and terrorism type attacks, as well as manmade accidents or natural disasters. Though out this ever changing environment homeland security must manage risks that can be associated with workforce management, acquisitions operations, as well as other cost that degrade from the overall budgets that are in-place for department operations. Additionally these external and internal risks have the potential to cause loss of life, impacted environmental conditions, and loss of economic activity, and all are connected to mission essential functions, and could degrade public confidence in government operations. The role of DHS along with its partners is to understand and manage all homeland security risks, and to provide a risk based approach to all actives. As Americans know we live in an uncertain world where the past teaches lessons, but does not always serve as a guide to the future. The systems we discuss within homeland security provide functions of essential aspects built around a thriving society, but we find that this is a delicate and balanced system of interconnected policies and structure. Any great system will find that disruptions to the system are not fully understood until at which time something goes wrong which could have a…

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