Essay on The United States Government Enacted Affirmative Action

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The United States government enacted affirmative action in 1961 during the Kennedy administration to give minorities an equal opportunity in society (“A brief History…”). Since then, many colleges and companies across the nation have implemented this action. Included in this action is a group of executive orders. One of the most popular executive actions introduced is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that requires companies employed by the federal government to not judge based on race, religion, sex, or national origin during the hiring process. The requirements placed on the hiring process merged with the education sphere to control the admission process. Colleges that employ affirmative action in admissions take away opportunities to attend school, which lowers the socioeconomic potential of non-minorities and hurts college performance.
Governmental action substantially affected the college admissions in the late 19th century as the program sought to close the gap of the education level of minority students. As a result, public universities combatted this issue by setting up quotas, lowering test scores for minority students, and delaying admission responses (Hickman 1). These efforts experienced successes early during the implementation; however, it has since declined. It has come to the point that colleges have received complaints through both in court and across the internet to repeal this action.
Previous Supreme Court rulings have demonstrated that the…

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