Essay on The United States Goals Within Foreign Policy

885 Words Nov 29th, 2016 4 Pages
In today’s world the United States must be very diligent with the decisions it makes from a foreign policy standpoint. The interactions we have with other world powers and other countries are important to our way of life. The United States goals within foreign policy are to secure our nation, ensure economic prosperity and push for the creation of a better world. These ideals are at the core of our nation’s foreign relations and are crucial to maintain our way of life. In order for our country to be a country we must keep our citizens safe and protect them from violence or threats. One of the greatest threats to our country today is ISIS and it was the result of a poor decision made by our Congress and former president George W. Bush to go to war in Iraq. Decisions like these have tremendous consequences, not only in our country, but on the rest of the world. Whether the choices are assisting with another country, choosing to go to war, or adjust trade deals with other nations, we must be diligent in the ways we handle foreign relations. One misstep can cost us and create multiple problems that are difficult to correct. The United States border has been a hot topic in recent times and for good reason. In order for a country to fully protect its citizens, it must first protect its borders. If we don’t know who is coming into our country and whether or not they are good people that’s an issue. It’s a cultural, economic, and security issue. While we do need to keep our country…

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