The United States Foreign Policy Essay

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In 1793, the great George Washington proclaimed neutrality and in 1796 in his farewell address he urged a young America to avoid permanent alliances. The belief that if America could isolate themselves for a generation or so, its population and power would be enough to assert itself on a global level. If the civil war hadn’t broken out in the mid-1800’s, our neutrality wouldn’t have lasted for the almost hundred years that President Washington was hoping for. Even after the civil war, America remained surprisingly aloof to anything outside their little world. As the 19th century came to a close, and the one hundred years Washington has called for, there seemed to be a transformation in the United States foreign policy. The sudden yearning for something more seemed to fill the hearts of Americans.
Could the overseas market be used for a “safety valve” for the growing United States? With pressure from a growth in agriculture and industrial production, a population explosion, and an increase in wealth, America was said to either explode or expand. Another stress that helped build the pressure was breaks out in labor violence along with agrarian unrest. The agriculture boom was due to the building of railroads, and farming machines, allowing farms to become more commercialized. That led to the boom in industrial production by giving factories more raw material to use. America believed that they possessed the right kind of goods to get the noticed in the global market.

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