The United States Federal Drug Administration Essay

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Smoking and other tobacco-like products have been a problem in the United States for many years. These products kill thousands of people every year and can cause respiratory problems, heart disease, and in some severe cases cause lung cancer. The question then becomes, what can be done to either reduce the amount of smokers in this country, or is it possible to stop smoking in the first place? While the latter is difficult to determine and in many cases impossible to stop people from smoking altogether, it is possible that we can decrease the amount of smokers that we have in this country. The question that now needs to be asked, is how can we do this, and who regulates cigarettes and other tobacco products and do they have any new or recent rulings that could help bring this concern to the American people to help with this situation? The Federal Drug Administration (FDA), is in charge of this area and have been making great strides in regulating tobacco products over the past few years and spreading new awareness of the dangers of tobacco products and what exactly is in them, and what can happen to you if use such products on a daily basis. While it started in the 1950’s with the Surgeon General’s warning labels on the boxes of cigarettes about the dangers of using such products, in more recent years there has been a movement to put better warning labels on cigarettes and other tobacco products, and a movement to list exactly what are in these products, so that people know…

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