The United States ' Education System Essay

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Malcolm X once stated, “education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people those who prepare for it today,” which is truly valid because this realm’s future depends on those who are properly educated to continue the developments of their homelands. Education bears a great significance in the lives of adolescents and teenagers, especially in this generation, since the world is constantly evolving in the educational field. Knowledge is often associated with power because of its impacts and influences throughout a democracy, therefore, it is vital for nations to appropriately develop and cultivate the minds of their future generations to ensure prosperity and growth in their countries, socially and economically. As one of the rapidly thriving nations, Japan is acknowledged as one of the leading countries in education worldwide and this success is certainly displayed through their economic growth, thus, it was an exceptional education system to study about. Much like the United States’ education system, the Japanese education system focuses on preparing their upcoming group of leaders for the volatile world so that their societal legacies will live on. To accomplish each country’s ambitions, many citizens fixate on various definite, yet efficient techniques, such as the substantial structure of their education system, to establish the best functioning system that produces the finest results from their students. The nation of Japan is highly…

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